Music and shoes have more than a little shared history, they’re practically sole mates. The two industries have been inextricably laced together for decades, each channeling the mood of an era in their own respective ways. Consistently remaining icons of style, we look at how they’ve always been a step ahead of everyone else.

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Air Jordan Retro III

Legendary music hero Eminem has caused a stir with some of the things he’s worn over his illustrious career as one of the world’s most successful rap artists. The Real Slim Shady has long been renowned for his longstanding relationship with Nike Air Jordans, the crème de la crème of rapper footwear.

Getting his kicks from a number of collaborations with the Nike brand, Eminem was one of the first rappers to really make footwear such an important part of the hip hop and rap scene. The sneakers are often released to coincide with the release of a new record or for some of the many charitable endeavours that shady has been involved with.

He has even teamed up for a three-way collaboration with Nike and Carhartt to create a range of Air Jordan 4 trainers in limited edition, with only ten being made. The shoes were sold via ebay auction to support Michigan State University’s Community Music School’s scheme to provide enrollment for local students, impressively, the auction raised $227,000.

More recently, Eminem has joined a number of other stars, including Pharrell and LeBron James in donating signature shoes to a raffle that will raise money for hurricane relief.