This summer the Natural Shoe Store take extra comfort in the sunshine with a trip in Hawaiian inspired footwear with the launch of our new brand Olukai in store now.


From the ground up Olukai use only the finest materials selected for their design, durability and softness, and to honour island culture with Polynesian style hand-stitched details and etched artwork. With anatomically contoured footbeds to cushion and stabilize your stride, there is room for toes and forefoot to stretch naturally, while the outsole provides traction for enhanced grip.


Olukai establishes a connection that keeps Aloha thriving with proceeds of every purchase going to their Ama OluKai Foundation to help preserve and increase knowledge of Hawaiian culture.


The Foundation partners with non-profit Hawaiian organisations focus on land and ocean, two powerful symbols of Polynesian culture.


One of these organisations Paepae o He’eia is dedicated to caring for He’eia Fishpond, designed to apply a form of aquaculture not found anywhere else in the world.


Built some 600-800 years ago, this walled style fishpond cultivates baby fish to maturity using techniques of trapping the adults with rocks in shallow tidal areas. These fishponds respond to a deep understanding of climatic behaviour that affect the island and the need to supply food when ocean fishing is not sufficient.


The Natural Shoe Store offer something special in terms of heritage, innovation or lifestyle that may not be otherwise found on the high street, yet remain grounded in natural health and the pleasure of walking.