Distinctive shoemakers Loints of Holland celebrate their 100th birthday this year, a momentous event for any company. This Netherlands based, family-run business have been quietly producing eco-friendly, comfort footwear for men and women that are loved around the world for their simplicity and inbuilt comfort. In an industry where caring for the environment is not always the first consideration, throughout their history Loints of Holland have chosen to take a different path.


A Potted History

With humble beginnings, Loints of Holland started in 1918 when Mr Cornelus Klijsen began crafting shoes from his home. The small shed originally used as a workshop was transformed into a small factory by his son, Hendrikus Klijsen who started their first official collection. After the end of World War II sales boomed and as demand grew, Loints of Holland chose to specialise in women's semi-orthopedic comfort shoes.


As the new generations of the family took over the business, so the designs evolved, but the company has remained true to its roots: making contemporary, sustainable footwear with comfort at its heart.


Today the ‘Turbo’ is one of Loint’s most popular models. First designed in the mid-eighties the Turbo’s enduring success is the result of thoughtful design. They are lightweight and flexible, yet strong and durable. Less is also more, being unlined they enable your feet to breathe better, lengthening the life of the shoes as well as the pleasure of wearing them.


Never standing still, Loints model their workable design principles across other style ranges such as Fusion and Character frequently found in The Natural Shoe Store’s seasonal collections.


A Footwear Brand for the Future

loyds leather materials


Loints of Holland pride themselves in being a socially responsible company. Throughout the design and production of their footwear every effort is made to reduce their impact on the environment.


Every shoe goes through a 200-step process during production to ensure premium quality control. Using high quality materials prolongs the life of the product. Being sourced and locally produced in Europe helps to minimise carbon emissions from haulage pollution. Their footwear is designed to be repaired and resoled so can be worn longer and not wasted as fast fashion.


Equally important is building sustainability into their production model. An integral part of the Loints design process is to reduce the amount of materials used for each design, and to make that material go further. This approach means that energy usage is more efficient across production, while keeping costs down.


Because lowering CO2 emissions is a large focus for the company, they primarily use Biogas for energy during production. This is energy is produced by organic matter and doesn't damage the atmosphere.


Loints of Holland have also reduced their use of chemicals helping to conserve environmental well-being as well as benefitting healthier working conditions. Their tanneries do not apply commonly used PCP or Benzedrine and their PU outsoles are free from Freon. Certified biologically degradable materials are delivered to them by their European suppliers.


Water consumption is also reduced. Any water left over is sterilized and returned to the natural water reserve helping to maintain one of the Earth’s most vital resources.


So here are just a few reasons why we love to have Loints of Holland footwear adorning our shelves. Happy Birthday Loints of Holland, we look forward to the next 100 years of kindly crafted, comfort footwear.


If you wish to know more about the Loints repair and refresh service please contact our Customer Services team here.


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