Introducing Green Comfort, a luxury footwear brand hailing from Denmark. Established in 1994 by Hans Jørgen Millner and Jesper Stærmose, Green Comfort set out with the mission to create footwear that would make a difference to the world around them.


Combining comfort with innovative style, experimentation has always been integral to the design philosophy behind the Green Comfort brand.


Refusing to be bound by the constraints of tradition, development is key to ensuring the ultimate level of comfort for their ever-growing customer base.


This development is always coupled with sustainability and a deep-rooted respect for the environment.



The Green Comfort wool collection are super lightweight, slip resistant and flexible, thanks to their trademark EnergySole ™, a special sole that provides unparalleled shock absorption and encourages all the muscles in the feet to work synergically.


Made from 100% pure wool, the wool collection is temperature regulating, self-cleaning and odourless. Customers love the soft feel and comforting warmth that comes from natural wool.


The wool used to make the slippers is felted gently in warm, soapy water. The purpose of this is to maintain the high level of lanolin, leaving it soft and itch-free.

Handmade Wool from Nepal:

Felted wool shoes and slippers are a hallmark of the Green Comfort collection each season. They source all their wool from Nepal, which is where the production of all their wool shoes takes place.


The production process places a premium on ecological practices, taking place without the use of chemicals and synthetic substances and provides work for a large proportion of women in the poor mountainous country.


By purchasing a pair of these slippers, customers will be helping to rebuild Nepal by providing education for Green Comfort employees and their children.


Combining Danish design with Nepalese craftwork, employees on site in Nepal can make up to two good pairs of wool slippers each day.


The wool is hand-painted in Nepal, and then as a nice personal touch, each pair is labelled with an embroidered signature, so you can see exactly who has been involved in making your new pair of wool shoes.


In addition, every pair of slippers comes with a small, printed information leaflet with a photograph of the person who made them as well as more information about the slippers.


Are They for Me?

Green Comfort slippers are the perfect harmony between form and function. An ethical and ecological way to buy seriously comfortable and practical home footwear expertly crafted by hand.