The sun is high in the sky, the city’s parks are filling up, and temperatures are very nearly, almost in the 20s! Could it be time for summer sandals? Our sandals come in an exciting range of colours and styles, from classic to contemporary. We’ve singled out some of our favourites below. From chunky wedges to dainty silhouettes, we’ve got everything you need to kickstart the warmer months.


Slip-on Sandals

When you’re looking to get out of the house as quickly as possible, there’s nothing quite like a pair of slip-ons. Easy to get in and out of and comfortable, they could be the king of women’s summer shoes. All the benefits of flip flops, but with a sturdier design, a good pair of slip-ons are as suited to summery days at the office as cook outs with the family.


Gladiator Sandals

When looking for exciting new styles, sometimes we have to look to the past. Why not take inspiration from our distant mediterranean cousins? Roman-inspired gladiator sandals are the perfect blend of form and function. Born from Italy’s arid summers, these sandals were designed for comfort and sturdiness. Over time, their iconic look has been taken on by burgeoning fashionistas.


Dress Sandals

There’s no reason to dress down this summer. Unleash your style with a pair of elegant dress sandals. Everybody knows balancing between comfort and style can be a tricky game, particularly in the warmer months. Luckily, we have a number of dress sandals that truly defy categorisation. With their flowing contours, our Arche Ellora Noir shoes create an air of refined chic.


Slingback Sandals

The kings of suave versatility, slingback sandals can offer a level of support and comfort that no other shoe can. With a minimal loop of fabric holding the heel in place, the rest of the slingback is free to sculpt the foot as needed. Grown from the shape of ancient Greek sandals, the slingback’s history is as expansive as it is pretty.


Wedge Heel Sandals

Looking for that halfway house between flats and high heels? Wedges have long been a popular compromise. Giving you the added height of a more elaborate piece with the flexibility and comfort of a slip-on, we have a number of beautiful wedge sandals to take you into summer.

The great thing about wedges is their versatility. Because of the minimal but elegant design of a well-crafted wedge sandal, you know they’re going to be as wearable on the tube as they are in the back garden. Suitable for all sorts of occasions, there’s always a good reason to own a style icon.

We have a wide selection of upper fabrics to choose from too. If you’re looking for an earthier, more natural look, we have wedges made with suede and linen uppers, as well as metallic finishes for added adventure.




With more choice than ever before, summer 2017 is the perfect time to define your style. Using our wide range of colours, fabrics and looks, we can help you on your journey to summery fashion bliss.