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Arche Vitage Rioja Fard

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Supplier Code VITAGE RIOJA
Gender Women
Supplier Colour Rioja Fard (Red Blush)
Heel Height Mid: 4.5 - 8 cm
Fastening Type Zip-Up
Process of Manufacture Chrome tanned. Arche follow strict European REACH regulations that strive to remove any trace of chrome after the tanning process as direct contact may aggravate a skin allergy. The dye is sensitive to humidity so moisture can leave a contact colour resid
Outsole Material Formula Natural
Outsole Colour Black
Product Type Mid-Calf Boot
Upper Material Brushed Nubuck / Velvet

Please use the charts as a general guideline to determine your size. Your exact size will ultimately depend on the structure of your individual foot and the style of the shoe.

UK WomenUS WomenEuropean Women
2 4 35
3 5 36
4 6 37
5 7 38
6 8 39
7 9 40
8 10 41
9 11 42
UK MenUs MenEuropean Men
6 7 40
7 8 41
8 9 42
9 10 43
10 11 44
11 12 45
12 13 46
13 14 47
A combination of soft velvet and nubuck made from the strongest surface part and the most durable, its grain brushed and polished. Apply a suitable water and stain spray protector, avoiding wax polish as this will spoil the special finish. Wipe in the same direction with either a white lint free cloth or a stiff nylon brush to regularly remove dust and dirt. If dampened allow leather/velvet to air-dry naturally away from direct heat.

Clean the outsole using a cloth dampened in warm water with a neutral cleaning agent, do not use chemical solvents as this will deteriorate the material. The organic nature of the outsoles may lead to the appearance of white marks, remove using a lint free cloth moistened in lemon juice or colourless vinegar.